Refreshing motion sensor causes false alarm?

Twice today I refreshed the sensors in my home to update the temperature. The first time was necessary because there was a false reading because the hub was offline for a while due to power loss. However both times I refreshed the motion sensor a false alarm was detected seconds after refreshing. Has anyone noticed this? Anyone willing to see if they can duplicate my results?

Which motion sensors are you using?
This would be needed to see if it can be duplicated (although people may want to test with other brands as well)

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Oops I forgot to mention, I have the SmartThings motion sensor that came with my starter kit.

I’m able to replicate this with mine as well.

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You both had SHM armed?

I did not. I am just able to replicate the motion going active during the refresh.

I don’t use SHM currently.

I have also noticed this lately. I use these for Temperature sensing and when I hit Refresh it activates the motion on them.

I have had the same in the past. I use my shed door open/closed sensor as outdoor temperature. If refresh in armed it sets off the alarm and in none armed you see open/close activity.

I have been having it too. Have been building a lake cabin and just got smartthings setup last weekend… I have been checking in on it, as i dont heat it while we are away… every time i refresh the motion sensor my wife calls me in a panic, asking me whats happening at the lake.

I know this is an old thread but on a v2 hub in the UK I still see this. If I refresh certain motion or contact sensors a motion or vibration event is logged right after.
Anyone have a fix?

I too am experiencing this for both the motion and multipurpose sensors. Anyone have a fix?

Happened to me too. Any solution?

Doesn’t look like it. Only seems to affect some sensors and not others even though they are the same device. The only positive I get from this situation is that the “false” motion on refresh can sometimes help fix a motion sensor “stuck” in a permanent “motion on” state without needing to remove the battery. :sunglasses:

I noticed this also. I’m new to SmartThings. I got the starter kit and setup the motion sensor in my home office to control smart outlet connected to a lamp on my desk with Smart Lights app.

I have 2 Smartthings Motion Sensors. 1 causes a false alarm on a refresh, and the other one doesn’t. That’s weird !

Was this ever resolved? Just noticed the Issue.

No, not resolved. Happens now often when battery is weak also.