Motion Sensors have stopped working

Just before 8 PM CDT is the last report of any activity from all 4 of my motion sensors (Monoprice) to my ST hub.

ST status page is mum.

Anyone ideas what is going on?

You are having issues with your hub? Give it a reboot and check live logging.

Are other devices reporting?

Other devices are reporting.

Took Hub offline 30 minutes ago, but the ST app is still showing my Hub as online.

Did you take out the batteries? I found reboot hub through the IDE does not work when it’s acting up.

Yes, unplugged and batteries removed.

My ST info web page says it is offline, yet the ST app says it is still online. This is a first for me.

So the app acting up. Force close it and open it back up. If that doesn’t work then a cache clear. Maybe a log out log in will get it synced up again.

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Weird. App never showed Hub going offline.

I reconnected the Hub and motion sensors are reporting once again

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Odd, at least you are back up! :+1:

I have to reboot the hub a few times due to not updating or failure of executing any rules. It is fairly rare, maybe every 6-8 weeks.

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I had not rebooted the Hub since the last firmware update. That was a first for it never showing as offline. Strange, but everything seems to be running as expected after leaving hub offline for over 30 minutes.

Thanks for the help!

And again, my Monoprice motion sensors stopped communicating with the Hub.

The last instance was 2:49 AM CDT. Nothing since.

Attempting a hub reboot again…

Hub just went offline then back online, before I even went into the control room to disconnect it.


Hows the Mesh? Do you have repeaters?

I had a couple Zigbee motions that dropped (I know different protocol) and added a repeater and it really boosted the reliability.

probably had something to do with my router going offline and back online repeatedly yesterday. after rebooting the modem, router and ST hub, all motion sensors working again.

Thanks for help Ben.

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