Motion sensor wont stop triggering

Hi everyone. I have just started with a ST hub, an Inovelli Red series gen 2 light switch and 2 LIFX bulbs in the bathroom. I set a motion sensor that I would like to use to trigger the lights on just in the evening but not during the day. I went into my smart apps/lighting automation to change all of the times. It’s still triggering the light on every single time. I can’t figure out how to just use the switch to turn it on during the day. I have another automation in the app that changes the brightness to 20% and the lights to pink from 2 am - 7 am. That wouldn’t go back to normal lighting until I turned the switch on and off 5 times.

Also, I just logged into my Samsung account on my desktop to take a screen shot of my smart apps to show the steps. Inside of there it doesn’t show any existing smart apps, but I have 3 on my phone. Do they not talk to each other?

Any ideas for this newbie??

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Can you make some screenshots of your settings from Smart Lighting? It is hard to tell without that what is going on.

HI @GSzabados ! Here ya go. Currently, I can’t get the pink to turn off either. “Full Brightness at Night” is to override the pink incase we need full illumination while the pink is going.

What is the condition in the first one for the motion sensor? I cannot find it out…

Do you have any other Automation set up maybe, or quick control?

Pictures from the app on the phone are easier to interpret.


Honestly, I cannot see any issue.

The motion sensor should turn on the switch and the 2 bulbs between 2 AM and 7 AM only.

Between 2 AM and 6 AM if the switch is on and the second button is pushed on the Inovelli, then it should change the color to warm white with 100% on the two bulbs. ( I guess you played around with illuminance as well in this rule. )

And from 7:01 AM to 6:30 PM, if the first button of the Inovelli pressed then it turns on the switch and the 2 bulbs 100% warm white. (You tried to play with the motion sensor in this rule, I believe. )

It all looks good. I am just unsure how many buttons the Inovelli has? And do you have any other Automation rule maybe.

To disable these Smart Lighting rules, you can chose a mode, which you are not currently in. And you can test that the motion sensor still triggers or not.

Otherwise, I would set the timezone by editing the location. Maybe that is the generic issue here.

@GSzabados, is the timezone in the geolocation?

Yes, the geolocation should define your timezone. Basically you set up where is your Hub located, so the app can use it for Sunrise/Sunset, timezone and weather data.

@GSzabados, that seemed to work. The automations won’t set off unless I restart the app. Then this morning, the light switch has returned to manual use (which I wanted) but the color And brightness hasn’t returned to normal. It’s like it picks and chooses what part will work. Also, on my home page in ST, I noticed that the bulbs always say offline until the switch is on. Not sure if that’s what I want or not.



Ok, I am a bit confused. What do you mean by “The automations won’t set off unless I restart the app.” I don’t understand this.

Second, how are you switch and bulbs connected?
I mean does your Inovelli switch controls a third lighting fixture, or the switch is connected to the fixture where are your LIFX bulbs are? That is really important.

LIFX bulbs should be placed in a lighting fixture, which is powered on always, the power should never cut to them, unless you want to power-cycle or reset them.

Inovelli switches are designed to control normal bulbs connected (wired) to them, or combined with home automation systems. They are generally replacing standard dumb switches and making them smart as they can after controlled remotely.

I hope it make sense for you.

This, and one or two of your other comments like cycling the switch five times, make me think you’ve got the LIFX bulbs wired as the load of the Inovelli switch. That wouldn’t be good.

Ah I think @GSzabados has already covered this so I won’t repeat it.

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@orangebucket & @GSzabados, all fixed! I did not have the switch set up correctly and it’s now in bypass mode and is programmed to tell the hub what to do! Thank you for your help!

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