Lighting director Smart app problems

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Hey guys

I have a couple question about the app,

I setup the kitchen light with a Samsung Motion Sensor.

But the problem is If I turn on hardware switch still on if the motion sensor receive motion.

If I turn the switch on manually or on the ST App why the switch go off when don’t have motion.

Can I do something on the settings ?

Or maybe try to uses another app for this.

Other questions is, Lightning director just have 4 cues or profiles, How I can do for add more cues or profiles, or another app let me do something like that.

Thanks guys


Could you set up a virtual switch that is only turned on when the light is turned on or off when the physical switch or app is used, and set the motion sensor to only function if that switch is off. You would have to make sure when the motion sensor turns on the light it does not turn on the virtual switch. I’m sure there is someway to do it programatically too.

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Hi Siuengr

Can you send me a link or something similar way to do it ?


I don’t have an example on how to do it. I was just throwing out some ideas on how it could be done. I am putting up some garage lights this weekend and will need to do the same thing. I want them on a motion sensor, but if I manually turn them on I want them to stay on until I turn them off manually or an extended period of no motion, like 30 minutes or something.

Right now I just have them set up to turn on with motion, and turn off 5 minutes after motion stops. I haven’t tried the manual override yet.

If I get something working I will post it.


I think I found what you are looking for in another post. Have a look at this one.

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