[Helps pls] Smart Lightning "Motion then Light" not working


I just bought a new Motion Sensor but while I see that it registers the motion in the ST app, it is not triggering the lights as per this Smart Lightning App “automation”.

What did I do wrong please?


It looks OK. Have you set anything in More Options?

Just to check, the motion sensor has actually stopped reporting motion and started again while this automation has been active?

Yes, in the Sensor History Tab, Motion / No Motion gets listed correctly at the right time: https://i.imgur.com/If4MPxx.png

Brand and model of the light and the sensor?

Also, when you just look at the device information for them in the app, do they show as “online”?

Sensor: Zooz ZSE11 - This one is on battery (this case here) [another one on USB works fine and triggers fine].

Switch: Inovelli LZW31-SN

App says that the switch is connected and the sensor is synced and connected.