Motion sensor tied to Alexa but she states the quote twice

I set up a PIR motion sensor at my front door with two functions. The first function in ST turns on the front porch lights for 20min during sunset to sunrise. The second action is in Alexa. When the motion sensor is activated she states “someone is at the front door”. This works but she makes the statement twice. any ideas on what would cause this? Using a ST Wifi meshed hub (newest version).

What kind of motion sensor is it?

Its a GoControl WAPIRZ

I’d like to see the ST logs for the device in the IDE.

So it’s sending two messages with each activation. Would changing the pet sensitivity change this?

I know this sounds strange, it I had a visonic door contact that was giving me two notifications. I took the battery out, let it sit for about 30 minutes and it corrected itself…don’t know why, but it worked.

It is possible there was a problem with the initial install of the device. I would run a zwave exclusion on the device and remove it from the system. Delete the automation and start over. Try and have the device closer to the hub when you add it back to the system.