ST Motion Sensor - False Intrusion

I just go an alert that my Living Room Motion Sensor sensed motion while no one was home. It is a second gen SmartThings motion sensor. I looked at the logs and saw the firmware was updated. Took approximately 10 minutes to update and when it came back online, it triggered the Dashboard to alert me of an instrusion.

I have three other sensors like that one, that didnt get any update.

Anyone know what it is?

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Same happened to me! First time ever while I was at work. Was looking all over house with cameras. All checked fine. Then I looked at logs and saw the same thing.

Lol. I did the same thing. At least I’m not crazy.

Had the same issue a couple weeks ago. Triggered like 8 times in two - three days. Kept checking the camera. Nothing. Then, it just stopped happening.

I got an alert at 6AM that my Garage Door was open! Checking the IDE, I saw the firmware on the door sensor was updated a few minutes before.