Motion sensor resistant to humidity/condensation? Waterproof?

I want to put a motion sensor in my bathroom, but I’m concerned that the high humity level and the condensation (e.g. during/after a shower) might damage the motion sensor at some point.
Can anyone recommend a motion sensor that is resistant to high humidity or condensation? Maybe a waterproof motion sensor? Or maybe putting any motion sensor in a bathroom is not a problem based on your experience?

The IKEA motion sensor has some IP certification and I use them outside. Have a look on the official page on the IKEA website.

Downside, it has 3 minutes blind period after detecting motion.

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That’s what you’re looking for - they are flawless. I have 1 in the shower and 1 in the bathroom and they are how I control the lights and exhaust fan, along with a contact sensor on the door. You can have them run locally with the SmartSense Motion Sensor dth. If you want the humidity reporting, you can use Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor but it runs in the cloud (even though it’s a stock dth).


People certainly do it, with varying results.

The Hue outdoor motion sensor will work with a Smartthings Hub using custom code and has an IP 54 rating, intended for use in the rain. :umbrella: That one’s Zigbee. Widely available. To use it with smartthings, you don’t connect it to the hue bridge, you just add it directly to your smartthings hub.

The Aeotec multi is only rated for IP 20, but there are people using them in bathrooms. It may depend on Placement.

Zooz (US zwave) is popular and less expensive, but not as waterproof and only measures up to 50% humidity. Also the battery life isn’t as long. But a lot of people like it.

Fibaro’s multisensor is similar to the Aeotec but smaller. Z wave. Highly customizable. Intended for indoor use, but some people do use it outdoors in sheltered locations. Costs even more than the Hue unless you find it on sale.

So I would say the Hue outdoors model is your safest bet, but lots of people use one of the other options, so it just depends if you’re willing to risk it.

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I have had a Xiaomi motion sensor in my bathroom for 3 years now and its is still going strong. At $10 each if it ever fails its a consumable item.


Thanks for your answers! I compiled the IP rating (Ingress Protection Code) of various motion sensors:

For Z-Wave:

Product IP Rating
Aeotec Multisensor 6 IP20
Aeotec Trisensor IP20
Fibaro Motion Sensor IP20
Vision PIR Motion Sensor IP20
Philio Motion Sensor PSP05 IP43
Everspring SP103 PIR Detector IP44
Everspring SP816 Outdoor Motion Detector IP44
Zooz Outdoor Motion Sensor ZSE29 IP44
STEINEL IS 140-2 Outdoor Motion sensor IP54

And for Zigbee:

Product IP Rating
Frient Motion Sensor Basic IP30
Frient Motion Sensor Pro IP30
Philips Hue Motion Sensor IP42
IKEA Tradfri Wireless Motion Sensor IP44
Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor IP54

I couldn’t find the IP rating of the Iris Motion Sensor IL07, of the Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 and of the Xiaomi Motion Sensor.
I think I’ll personnally go for the Philio Motion Sensor PSP05, that’s enough for my needs.