Motion Sensor override?

I know this has already been posted, but I’m still struggling to figure out how to make what I want to happen…happen (or if I even can).

I want to have a ST motion sensor detect movement and turn on the bathroom lights at 25%. I then want to be able to push an Amazon Echo button (finally a use for those things) to increase the light to 100% if needed (which is about half the time, but no set times). Obvious problem: The motion sensor kicks the lights back down to 25% while I’m puttering around in there.

Is there a fix that doesn’t require yet another app to be downloaded? Or is there an app that is best overall for automation?

I know this is a basic question, but I’m just completely overwhelmed with how much is out there. I’m hoping that maybe if I can get this one thing figured out then I’d be able to make a go of other things on my own.


Amazon Alexa
Philips Hue
Apple HomeKit


SmartThings Hub
(2) ST motion sensors
Philips Hue bulbs with bridge
(2) Hue motion sensors
Amazon Echo (with four Echo buttons)
Various and sundry switches and plugs

This is a very common issue, and one that has been discussed many times in the forums. Usually in the context of someone who has a motion sensor which controls the lighting, but then they want things to happen differently if someone uses the switch on the wall. Yours is essentially the same case.

The most popular way to handle this is to use webcore. Setup is somewhat complicated, but there are lots of people who will be willing to help you.

Want you have web core set up, you probably won’t need to use any other smartapps, it can pretty much do it all. :sunglasses:

( The other way to do this is to have the button change the mode, but the problem with that is you can only have one mode at a time and if you decide you want to do something similar in another room or if you have more than one person living in the house it just doesn’t work very well. Webcore, on the other hand, can handle pretty much any combination of stacked conditioners that you can think of. So I would just go straight to That. )

You can do this with smartlighting too… smartlighting by default will only dim in increments of 10 though. if dim to 25 is the sweet spot the you can create a scene and trigger it w/ smartlighting.


Awesome, I didn’t know they had added that! :sunglasses:


Thank you very much, that worked like a charm.

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