Motion Sensor not activating automation

I have a BeSense Motion Sensor in my garage and a globe smart plug that my shop lights are plug into. In smart things I have an automation set that if my shop lights are on and the motion sensor is motionless for longer then 30 sec, to shut off my shop lights. I set a timer for 30 secs and wait to watch the lights switch to off in smartthings and nothing happens, and yes I have gone to check the garage and they are still on. Does anyone have any idea why they this automation is not working

try using smart lighting :slight_smile:

Smart Lighting?

if available in your region…

to install, click on + (plus) in the upper right of the dashboard
choose smart app
select smart lighting.

once installed, you can access it from menu > smart apps.

you can create a rule to turn on or off the light the light based on motion

Ok I’ve got that set up we will see what happens