Create an automation for **no** motion using ST sensor?

I recently bought a SmartThings hub and SmartThings motion sensor. I am able to successfully create an automation to turn on a light when motion is detected, but I am unable to have an automation make use of NO motion.
In my case I say if no motion is detected for 1 minute, turn on a light. This doesn’t work.
And tips or tricks?

You might want to paste you automation in the the thread… or contact support.

Go to Smart Apps menu and add Smart Lighting

Could you paste your automation so we can what you have done? Also can you confirm you are testing it by triggering motion first? It certainly can work.

Also post what Motion sensor you are using some have a “blind” time longer than 1 minute.

Happy to post automation. Do I just screenshot the automation that I created on my phone or is there another way to show the automation?


Using SmartThings Motion Sensor (2015).

A screenshot will do the job.

Here is my automation. The need is this: My son just started the fire academy. Is super important that he gets up and out of the house early. I set a motion sensor in the hallway outside his bedroom door. If he happens to sleep through his alarm, I thought my automation would check to see if he hasn’t left his room by a certain time, and then turn on my bedroom light. automation

I think the problem is the automation is looking for a state change for the motion sensor between that time range. If nobody enters the hallway, there is no change from motion to no motion to start the timer. So it never runs. Have you tried without the no motion timer to see if it runs solely based on the time range and no motion?

Interesting thought. I tried the alternative way with no luck. I might approach it differently. I might plug my lamp into a smart plug. I will have the smart bulb set to turn on at 4:35AM. I will then create an automation to turn off the smart plug if motion is detected between 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM. Finally I will set the plug to turn on at 4:40 AM to “reset” it for the next day.

Just a thought since I have had no issues with the sensor detecting motion.

You could use a virtual switch instead of a real plug.

Very cool. I didn’t know those were a thing. I appreciate the time you took to help out.


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