Motion Sensor Light Activation Latency

The newest generation seems to be slower than previous versions. :disappointed_relieved:

@whoismoses has a video of this issue:

That said, to get the quickest response rate out of any zigbee motion sensor, try the following:

One) heal the zigbee network to make sure you’re getting maximum efficiency out of what you have. For zigbee, this is easy. Just take the hub off of power for at least 15 minutes (including removing batteries, if any) while leaving the other zigbee devices on power. This is long enough for all the other devices to go into “panic mode” because they can’t find the hub. After you power the hub up again, all the devices will rebuild their neighbor tables, finding the most efficient route. It can take a while for this process so you may not see efficiency improvements until the next day.

Two) as was suggested, move everything to smart lighting, using only local device type handlers, and see if that helps.

  1. check the physical placement of the device. Like all PIR motion sensors, this device is triggered by very slight changes in temperature moving across the detection field. Not straight on towards it. So you get the quickest response if the person will be moving at 90° to the sensor.
  1. if you’ve done all of the previous three, consider a test where you move the motion sensor about 25 feet from the hub, do another heal, and then test it there. If it’s noticeably quicker when it’s near the hub (after the heal) than it was in the original position, youmay need to add a zigbee repeater. Along the route from the hub to the motion sensor to help get the message through. Remember to do is it a heal after adding any new devices or moving devices to new locations. And make sure the motion sensor is at least 3 m from any Wi-Fi router or access point. Also, don’t put it right next to the hub to test. The zigbee antenna is Omni directional and the signal spreads as it moves away from the hub. So you should get the best test 15 to 25 feet from the hub, not right next to it.

But if you really have the 2016 model, it may just be slow. :scream: