Slow response to motion

(Garrette Grouwstra) #1


I have a motion sensor in a room, and have a smartapp configured to turn on the Hue lights in the room when motion is detected. Sometimes it takes upwards of 5 seconds between walking into view of the motion sensor, and the lights coming on. Is there a way to speed this up, as this delay is unacceptable?

(Ben Edwards) #2

How fast is it if you wave your hand in front of the motion sensor? I ask because I am just trying to cut down on variables like room size. How about with other lights or outlets? Is the time similarly long?

(Garrette Grouwstra) #3

Its an aeon Labs Multi motion sensor placed on the ceiling in a small room ( washroom). People walk directly beneath it, and it blinks that it detects motion. A person can enter the room, wash their hands and leave before the lights come on.

I have seen similar response times when turning lights on via the android app ( 5 seconds to on). The Hue App provides instant on.