All Sense Motion Sensors with Rules don’t work anymore

I have a problem with 3 out of 3 Samsung Motion Sensors: GP-U999SJVLBGA that are each linked to a rule.
One with an LED strip and the other two each with Samsung Plugs:
These ran for a couple of weeks without any problems. I didn’t make any more changes, everything went great. Suddenly there was no more light. The sensors no longer switched the consumers. You probably don’t send any more internally.
Within the app I can see that movements have been detected. Movement detected. See pic.
The motion sensor symbol in the app also makes these waves.
What did I try to get it to work again ?!
-All 3 Sense Motion sensors deleted from the hub and added again.
-Rules deleted and recreated.
-Hub taken off the power
-The consumer sockets, LEDs, strips can be switched manually via the IOS app.
-Batteries are all at least 90%.

-Software version: 00000011
-iOS app reinstalled

I would be happy if you could help me. thanks

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Hi @Gonzo_Bo ,
Do you have in the automations that movement is detected during x time ?. There is another user who reported that removing that condition fixed it and it worked fine.
When these sensors detect movement, the state is always maintained for 30 sec.
You can also try using the smart lighting app for automations with lights plugs and sensors, it works very well and is local execution with devices that run locally like the ones you mention.

Right 1 second

-I know but that was no problem in the past.

My Alexa is still connected with the st-hub. Also in the past. Now I make the same routines under Alexa. it works. :rage::thinking: Why? That work only over Alexa not direkt over the St-hub routines. Bug? Need a update/help please. In the past it’s worked without this probs.

It is true that it worked until recently and it should work. Something has changed and has gone wrong.
They have added this function for other capabilities, devices, switch, lights … I don’t know if it has to do with this update.
I will test to see if that condition works in other devices, since I put a condition of being closed for 2 minutes to a water valve and I did not test it. :thinking:
Water valve automation with 1 minute left closed condition works fine

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Im from Germany. We will see. I look now daily here for new posts.

In some cases I need a delay from 3-5 seconds.

But it only works after a 30 second cooldown since the first movement is recongnized. :rage:
Motion detected. Light on. 5 seconds later: motion detected? Light off. Or Motion detected. Light off. 5 seconds later motion detected? Light on.

I am from Spain.
this is a fantastic and very active community :+1:

Automations with motion sensors and lights, in my opinion, work much better with the smart ligthing app. I changed them all to the app. I recommend you try it.
They also work locally if the internet fails.
It has the disadvantage that you cannot enable and disable them individually.
If you have any questions how to do it, I can help you

Thx for you help. I will download and test it. I start a case by the Samsung Support team because a problem is there.

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This smartthings sensors have 30 sec of persistence in the movement detected state, but lidl sensor have 1 minute and ikea sensor up to 9 minutes as I have seen in some post.
Ikea’s dth code says that the asset reset time can be adjusted, but in smartthings I think the adjustment does not work.

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