Best Outdoor Sensor for SmartThings

So, I’ve searched heavily on this forum, and cannot find any thread in the last 9 - 11 months in regards to this (or my searching skills are very bad, if it exists!).

Anyhow, I have established that such sensor does not exist, which can replace my current ‘dumb’ sensors outside that connect to the LED security flood lights.

However, I plan on complimenting those with around 2 outdoor motion detectors, which can integrate with my SmartThings Hub (v3), and current automations.

So, can anyone recommend outdoor motion sensors, which will hopefully work well with SmartThings. I will be using them as a form of security, i.e. of motion detection on my garden etc. I am notified of this.

Thanks in advance.

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Zooz has an outdoor motion sensor that works with SmartThings.


Did you read the community FAQ on this topic?

FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor?

Everything there is still valid, including the 2019 update:

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I had not, but have since checked out your post there - thank you @JDRoberts .

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If possible just run your outdoor sensors from smart plugs that report power, i use a dumb movement sensor that triggers external lighting also powered from smart plugs and separately i use a photo cell also powered from a power sense plug, kinda makes dumb sensors and lights smart

Cheap and easy fix, with different st apps and device handlers the options are endless

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Has anyone tried the Hue outdoor sensor with ST…?

The hue outdoor motion sensor isn’t available in the US until March 1st


Amazon UK have it in stock though…
Anyone from this side of the pond…? :blush:

@AnubizDK I want to get it from Argos (they have it, too) but not surprising not in stock anywhere near I live, and neither are they delivering.

If it doesn’t work, easier to return to Argos, than Amazon.

As soon as it’s in stock, I shall give it a try. If you beat me to it, do le me know your thoughts!

Oh, and I want to try and make it work with my Lifx bulbs, connected on SmartThings, which, I think should work, considering they’re both connected to the same Hub, SmartThings v3.

Also @JDRoberts kindly pointed out, that this motion sensor will only work with ST Hub v3.

@JeffRoof Deal…!

A question, though.

Am I correct in saying I can connect this item, the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor, directly to SmartThings Hub v3, without the need of a Hue Bridge?

You can connect it, but we don’t yet know if you can use it once it is connected. That is, it will be recognized as a “thing.” But not necessarily recognized as a motion sensor.

It’s a very new device, and although it’s available in the UK, it will not be available in the US until March. So there just aren’t very many people have tried it yet.

@AnubizDK - It’s still not available in an Argos store anywhere near me, but, however it seems to be available at ScrewFix. Looking into it, and will see if it can be purchased from there.

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@AnubizDK & anyone else looking for more info on this, @JDRoberts kindly pointed out that some have got the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor to connect without Hue Bridge (connected directly to ST Hub).

See this post here:


The Hue sensor is only IP54 … if you fit it anywhere where water can get too it including rain it will fill with water, IP67 or above is needed for exposed conditions

That’s not quite what it means. The last digit, the 4, it means it is protected from “splash water” from any direction. It just won’t be waterproof if you fully immerse it or put it under pressure.

It should be fine outdoors as long as you don’t get Gale force winds.

Philips says

This Philips Hue outdoor sensor is specially designed for use in outdoor environments and has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its performance. Certified by UL, the product will withstand heavy rainfall and other weather conditions.

And that’s consistent with an IP54 rating.

Official product photo:

It’s not going to fill with water if mounted as directed. :sunglasses::cloud_with_snow:

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Company literature JD… Not always accurate, i have Ip66 and 67 devices outside… even 66 fill with water if fitted in exposed conditions

But like all things it is dependant on manufacture quality, from experience though I would be very carefull with sighting a 54 product, especially at the cost

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So, what happened?
Does anyone know if this works with ST?
Any information would be most appreciated.

There are people using them with SmartThings, but it requires a custom DTH.

Bought a hue outdoor sensor - not supported in SmartThings?

( I have them and like them, but I’m just using them with HomeKit. Mine have continued to work great even after some really heavy rain storms, so that part has been good. )