Motion / Lux / Temp sensors

I have no idea if this would work, but if this was mine and I wanted to test the functionality before transition day, this is what i would do:

  1. Choose one of the virtual channels (1-16) to convert to Edge. Lets say channel 7 for example.
  2. Exclude that channel only. Put the hub into exclusion mode and use the buttons on the controller to exclude channel 7. Mobile app should say “1 device excluded”.
  3. Go into the IDE, Custom Device Handlers, and comment out the fingerprint for that channel. Save and publish the DTH. This will force your hub to no longer see the custom DTH driver for that one channel only.
  4. Join the Beta Edge driver channel if you haven’t already.
  5. Add the Z-wave Switch driver to your hub from the Edge channel.
  6. Put the hub into pairing mode (+ to add device, Scan Nearby) and use the controller to put channel 7 into inclusion mode.
  7. Hopefully it will pair with the Z-wave Switch. If not, we can debug from there.
  8. If it does, then test for basic functionally. It should include both switch on/off (mapped to open/close) and a dimmer like slide control which might work to vary the level of the blinds.

If you leave things alone, there is a good chance that the virtual channel devices will all migrate to the Z-wave Switch device anyway. I’m not positive of course but that is my guess.

Implications are that the newly moved virtual channel doesn’t work at all, and you have to put it back to the DTH (uncomment out the fingerprint in the DTH, include the channel again back to the old DTH.). Up to you if its worth the work/risk.

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