Motion DTH after ST Roll-Back

Just a note that all my ST V2 motion sensors stopped working as of the ST application of a software upgrade. Once they rolled back and removed the updates my CoRE Pistons came back but my motion sensors never recovered. The only way I got them working was to change all 6 to SmartSense Motion Sensor instead of what they were originally - SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor.
If anyone else is experiencing this behavior I’ll raise a ticket with ST.


I had one that is not reporting motion anymore, it is just reporting temperature. Or you aren’t getting anything with yours?

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I checked and mine seem to be reporting Temp and motion with the plain dth.

I did this on three devices and that did fix it more. I guess I will keep on eye on this and see when it safe to revert them to there installed device handler

I had to do this to 2 of my motion sensors, I have a few more but the first two I looked at had motion stopped around 12pm to 1pm PST.

Consider resetting the sensors or enabling insecure rejoin. If you are still having issues, shoot a note over to support@, as we are looking for data around sensor disconnects (and ultimately how to reduce them)

@daven: thanks for the info, I’ve 11 motion sensors and they turned out to be temperature sensors as of last night, thanks to great ST change process :expressionless:
This morning I tested re-adding 1 motion sensor as you suggested, and that seems to be working fine. However I had to make sure that it’s not using any smartapps before removing it, and then after adding new type back, I had to configure smartapps for it again, so it’s quite inconvenient. Is there any other way - easier perhaps to change the type of the device?


Ignore my question about changing the type, found it in web api, but I guess I’d have to restart the sensor for this to fully kick in. I will see if that works in the evening…


Yes, just change the type in the IDE and in a few moments it starts working again.

Thanks for the reports everyone. We found the problem. Yesterday we released a change to many of the SmartSense device type handlers to improve how they decode the ZigBee messages to indicate changes in sensor state. We did this to account for some bugs that would show up when the battery got low or the cover was removed from the sensor. We made a mistake with the SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor that broke motion detection. We’re fixing this right now and will release the change as soon as possible.

A few months ago we actually moved the fingerprints for the older motion sensors to the SmartSense Motion Sensor DTH. If you have already changed the device to use that DTH I suggest you leave it there. We certainly didn’t intend to break the old device type handler, but anytime a new 2014 motion sensor is joined it will use the SmartSense Motion Sensor DTH.

If you’re interested, here is the commit that broke the motion sensor:


I don’t have Zigbee Utilities in my IDE, i’m on Hub v1.

All motion sensors are already “SmartSense Motion Sensor” as I just checked. Still some of them not reporting motion just temp. I have rejoined them and reboot hub, same result…

The fix was released a few minutes ago. If you’re still having problems with the sensors not reporting motion please contact support. That’s the best way to get us the information we need to dig in and see what is wrong.