2 motion sensors stopped working, at the same time

Ever since ST had an outage last night, both my smartthings motion sensors won’t detect motion, however are still reporting temperature updates.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Had it happen before last night…more like on and off for the past week, but yes…DOA…and more than 2…4 so far and couting.

Count me in as well. Must be system related.

This is related to last night fiasco sponsored by SmartThings, older motion sensors stopped working. From what I’ve read, only way is to re-add them to ST as “Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor”, which I don’t want to do for all of my motion sensor, it will be major PITA. I contacted support, but no response yet.


You dont have to readd, just change the device type, save it then change it back to what it was, save again.

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I posted a response in this thread: Motion DTH after ST Roll-Back

@eibyer: got it, found it on IDE, I was using app on my phone initially.


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