Automations that go from evening to morning

Hey all. I have a couple motion triggered automations that I want to run from about 11pm until 5pm. But if my start time for the “During” statement is 11pm, it won’t let me put 5am as the end time. Do they seriously time box the time range to the same calendar day? Is there any other way to achieve this? Thanks.

if they are lighting based automations, try Smart Lights instead

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Yes they are lighting based. They use motion sensors in bathrooms to turn the lights on at about 15% dimmer during late evening hours if someone gets up at night. The app seriously can’t handle that scenario? My old Insteon setup could do that 7 years ago. LOL

There is a smartapp in the Automations section called Smart Lights. Click the + in the upper right and look in the Recommended section :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have set up my rear hallway ceiling lights, from 9pm to 7am triggered by motion to 20% brightness.

From 7am to 9pm triggered by motion to 100% brightness.

I have them stay on for 1 minute before off. In the hallway, 1 minute seems enough with the 2 ceiling motion detector.

For the den, the on time needs to be 30 minutes, because when watching tv, people might not be moving that much. 30 minutes seems to be long enough that the light never goes out while people are in the den.

For the rear hallway, 1 minute seems enough that the lights never go out while in the hallway.