Hue Lights, Motion sensor and Sunset

I have recently got a Smart hub and trying to set up automations. I want my kitchen light strip to come on when the Motion sensor detects movement and turn off if no movement is detected for 10 minutes. I have got this working however I don’t want this programme running when it is light outside, how can I set the automation to not run between 15 minutes before sunrise and 15 minutes after sunset?

What are you using to do this?
This can be done very easily with CoRE but it can be daunting to use to start with.
Here is an example of CoRE and you can substitute luminance with time if you wish.

Being stupid here but where do I download CoRE??

Actually you can do this wit Smart Lighting.
Select to turn on with motion and then in advanced atthe bottom you can select between certain times.

Bobbles thanks for that, that is exactly what I was looking for!! I have built one however I can’t find where it’s listed in the App.

All sorted it doesn’t like me renaming things!!