Motion detecting objects, not mammals

I’m interested in detecting movement - but movement from an object, not a person/animal.

The scenario is detecting when an object is dropped into a box - I eventually want to count how often this happens.

I’m guessing the Smart Things motion sensor is a PIR, so that won’t work. Any suggestions on what would?

The accelerometer on the ST multi may work. Its quite sensitive so YMMV. I tried using it to detect door knocks, but it also detected my neighbors slamming their door… I have a shared wall with them, so it makes sense. I do have one taped to the Ding plate of my door bell and that works perfectly. All in all it does a good job of detecting vibration, so it should work for your use case.

Sounds good - the multipurpose sensor right? I can’t work out how to get it to monitor vibrations, not just open/close/temp/humidity etc - documentation is rubbish!

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