Ecolink door/window sensor DWZWAVE2-ECO, or others?

I’m looking to outfit our doors and windows with sensors, mainly to turn the HVAC on / off when the windows are closed / open. I like the idea of these sensors because they come with an interchangeable brown cover to more closely match our windows. Any opinions on these vs. other sensors? Any others that come in brown? Are there other zwave 2 devices available or coming out soon?

They are nice and work well.
My biggest complaint is that they are quite large compared to some of the other sensors out there.

Eventually I will replace mine with a smaller version and use these for other projects since they have external contacts.

I believe Fibaro makes some brown ones, too.

EDIT: Can’t say I am familiar with this site, but it shows the full lineup of available colors from Fibaro

Any other sensors that are in the less than or equal to $25 apiece price? I think I’ll probably go with these, but just wondering if there are any other options hiding out there.

Edit: just ordered for $25/per in a 10 pack from thesmartesthouse

Check out, search z-wave - they occasionally run a discount/sale.

It’s hard to beat the (currently $15) price of the Lowe’s Iris Zigbee Door and Window Sensor. About a month ago, I put together a table of Z-Wave door and window sensors here. It should still be fairly current.

That’s the first gen sensor though. Not ST compatible.

Good catch - Thanks @diehllane. I’m seeing the gen 2 sensor currently at $22.99.

That’s a pretty good deal too, $22