More Icons or import them

It would be nice if we could have a bunch of nice icons. A lamp with a circle and cross out like you see on street signs could be used for an lamp off etc. I could probably find some if I could import them. Also how about using Icons for room names instead of photo.

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Long standing request. We’ve had many release come and go without any changes in the icon choices. The current ones are, shall we say, interesting and very lacking.

You can put your own images in by modifying the handlers but it’s a kludge. If I’m not mistaken the process is to make your changes in each handler, update your thing to the modified handler then you can set back to the prior handler and the image sticks (you’d want to change back to the original handler to get back to local execution for those that have it). Not everyone wants to jump through this hoop.

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Thanks for posting. I searched for your posts on this but couldn’t find them.

You! You! I freaking love You! That is genius!!

Off to spend 10 hours updating silly icons!:rofl:

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Had a try of this and it seems to revert back to the previous icon. Perhaps some changes in the app since then.

Recent - WINK convert here…
Does this icon fix work as well in the New SmartThings App as well?
I’m specifically bummed about all of my “Scenes” in the SmartThings app having the same star icon which I can’t distinguish between when I am trying to get my eyes to focus in the morning.