Mood Music w/ Sonos - help

Help - I am trying to figure out if something recently changed causing my use of Sonos to stop working with the Mood Music App or if this is some on-going functionality glitch associated with Sonos integration.

I have virtual switches set up to play selected Sonos stations using the mood music app. I can then use Amazon echo to say “turn on Johnny Cash” or “turn on Bob Dylan” . This worked fine for a number of days then stopped. Now regardless of which preset (virtual button) is selected through either smart things or Alexa I only get playing whatever is currently queued up on Sonos.

Can’t figure out what changed ?

Anyone have any ideas ?

ST removed Mood Music app completely and that’s probably why you’re having issues.

Mood Music and other Sonos related apps have been removed from the ST Marketplace.

I just tested, with the code for Mood Music from ST IDE template and I can’t even get it to install anymore, just errors out. No error messages in Live Logging either.

This is probably ST trying to force everyone to use Samsung speakers.

Actually mine has been working really good now for a couple of weeks – – although I was having some problems this morning but it appeared to be a Pandora issue and seems to be resolved.

I did notice the disappearance of the mood music app – but it appears that they have consolidated apps and now that functionality exists in a new app – believe it’s called speaker companion.