Problem with a Jasco 3way switch

I just installed a 3way on/off switch from Jasco/GE. The wiring went fine, and the physical switches work perfectly. My problem comes when I include the switch into my ST network.

ST finds it, identifies it as a Z-Wave switch, but then says there are no possible actions for it. When I go to the device tile, I can see the status (it is correct, even when the switch is manually flipped), I can change when the LED light is on, but I can’t actually turn the switch on or off.

I also can’t find the switch listed for any apps that take switches. I reviewed the switch under My Devices in the Developer Tools website, and it seems to be set up the same as all my other light switches.

Any one have this problem or have any thoughts on what could be going on? I’m at a loss!


Nevermind, I figured it out :slight_smile:

@tduffy hey there. Others might have the same issue so it is good form to post the solution (even to your own problem) if you can. :slight_smile:

Oh good point. :slight_smile:

Even though the item showed as being a “Z-Wave Switch”, when I went into the device itself under My Devices, I noticed that it was not the same “Z-Wave Switch” type as my other switches. This one was showing at the bottom of the list, and the others were using the “Z-Wave Switch” device type from higher up the list with the other standard Z-Wave types. Once I switched the type to match the other switches, it started working fine.

I had to do the same thing with the other two 3way switches I have installed, and now all three work properly. I have no idea where the bad “Z-Wave Switch” type came from, as I didn’t create it. But atleast it was an easy fix once I figured it out!