Monoprice Z-Wave Home Security Sensors on Sale

The DTHs I’ve written for the Monoprice devices provide the same functionality as the paid DTHs. That being said, Monoprice customer support isn’t great and I think they should have hired rboy or another developer to write a free DTH so I won’t be purchasing any of their products in the future.

I have DTHs that work with::

  • Monoprice Door/Window Sensor
  • Monoprice 4-in-1 Multisensor
  • Monoprice Shock Sensor (This device works fine with the default DTH and my DTH for some users, but it won’t report activity using either DTH for other users. I’m still troubleshooting the problem with those users)

Reminds me of the " discussion" a couple years ago between Erik’s DTH/App and Rboy’s for Schlage locks.

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Yup… Just let the consumer assess the various options available to them, and if they determine there is value for a paid DTH, let them buy it. In turn live and let live: Let the developer/provider profit accordingly for their work and successful marketing, partnership (with Monoprice) and customer relations / support.


My personal experience with Monoprice has has been outstanding, for over a year well before the partnership was established. They have been very responsive and have a very flexible policy. Don’t know if you had a bad experience.

On a separate note we’ve just been hearing good feedback about their product support over the past few weeks since the partnership launch.


krlaframboise: I’ve tried your Device handler in addition to the stock setting on the hub but still doesn’t seem to work as a shock sensor. It pairs and shows status; seems to show up on the hub as expected but I can’t get any status changes except for the led on the device does blink to show a shock/vibration. Can I join the party for troubleshooting? Getting ready to send these back to Monoprice. Product # 15269

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There’s nothing to troubleshoot when the device randomly stops communicating with the hub so I’m no longer supporting that device.