Monoprice Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor $19.99 w/free shipping

Monoprice Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor $19.99 reg. $24.88

Great for those DIY custom sensors.


does anyone have any experience using those as regular door/window sensors?

Yes, it works :slight_smile:

HOw do you like them?

It just like any other door/window contact except you can repurpose it as a water leak sensor as linked above. I believe it’s also the same contacts as the ecolink or some other name brand sold in the big box stores. Never really had and issue with mine.

Edit: GoControl was the name, not ecolink, thank you @RLDreams :slight_smile:

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The pair out of the box with ST and come up as “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”. Reports open close and battery life. Haven’t had any issue with them. For me the sensors dont show any activity in recents on the app unless it triggers. I have used one on a window that I rarely open so the recent log is always empty but when the window is opened it shows up always. So no issues there.

I’ve got a few of them (Go Control from HD ) , never had any issues across 3 different hub controls. I actually like the Z-wave better, since I have so many Z-wave outlets and light switches the mesh is stronger.

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They also have z-wave plus models. Does anyone know if those have the same contact inside?