Monoprice Tilt Sensor Issue - Not Reporting

I did read a few threads/posts on this but most were old.

I finally grabbed a Monoprice Tilt Sensor for my garage door so I can pair it with the MyQ Lite stuff. Waited 8 days for this thing to arrive by carrier pigeon only to have issues. It paired fine, eventually reported battery but it’s stuck on whatever orientation it is when paired (open or closed). I’ve tried excluding it and re-including it, twice. No joy. I am using the stock handler.

Sound like I have a dud?

I’m personally not a fan of the Monoprice sensors. I know others love them but me personally I’ve had issues with them “sticking” open when closed, closed when open, not pairing correctly and having to be excluded and redone multiple times, etc. Its happened enough for me to give up on them. I rather pay $5 - $10 more for a name brand sensor and not have issues

With the above said I’m using the MyQ Lite with a Ecolink Z-Wave Wireless Tilt Sensor (ECO-TILT-US) I got on Amazon for $25. It’s been rock solid for a year and a half now (ordered it in March of '16). Never had a issue with pairing it or status updates. Only weird thing is the battery still shows 100% after a year and a half but again it works fine so I haven’t let it bother me.


Thanks Allan. This is my first Monoprrice Z-Wave device and it may go back. I agree with you, I’d rather pay a little more and get reliability.


FYI - just checked my old Amazon order and the sensor lists as having a 5 year battery life so mine still listing at 100% might be correct. They also now have a Z-Wave Plus version and it’s still $25. I have the “old” non plus version but I can’t imagine there being a difference in usability.

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Thanks, yes. I just ordered the Z-Wave Plus model (actually a few cents cheaper than the older model).

I ordered 4, 4in1 monoprice sensors an the zwave range on them is horrible. Perhaps this is the problem our also facing? But it seems like I can get maybe 1 room away from the hub. With other sensors I have I can go multiple levels and on the complete opposite side o the house without issue.

Just installed the Ecolink. Working like a champ. Many thanks. Monoprice is going back.


Also have this one & it’s been reliable. Good Luck!

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