New Monoprice no logo Z-Wave devices

(Carlos Perez) #1

Has anybody played with the new shatter sensor, garage sensor or any of the new switches they released recently?

(Huy Nguyen) #2

It seems these were just released in the last week or so. I recently ordered a few contact and motion sensors and did not see these devices on the site. I’m going to order the garage tilt sensor to replace my smartsense multi sensor that is currently on my garage door, so i can repurpose it for better use.

You could probably use the relay and tilt sensors and do the exact same thing to control any garage door with the ST smartapp. But for half the price.

I may order the relay as well to turn my gas fireplace on and off.

(Erik Thayer) #3

Could you post back when you try out those tilt sensors? I also have a couple multi sensors on my garage door that I’d like to switch out and repurpose. Seems to me that those are overkill for the garage door.

Your review of them either way would be helpful!

(Huy Nguyen) #4

Just made the order, i’ll report back when I get it setup. May take a week or two since I’m in Canada and monoprice shipping here is pretty slow :expressionless:

(Jose S) #5

Right now you can use coupon code “MARCH15” for 15% off the order.

(Huy Nguyen) #6

Yep that’s what I did :slight_smile:

(Morgan) #7

Has anyone order the shatter sensor?

(Morgan) #8

Yeah, they had a sale on the Shock Sensor, Garage Door sensor that ended yesterday.

(Carlos Perez) #9

Any update on how it worked with Smartthings?