Monoprice Shock Sensor not reporting

Z-Wave Plus - It is Monoprice 2nd Gen version

I had someone tamper (open up the cover) which I received the alert on, presumably it was put back on (not sure it tells you if cover has be replaced) as it reported for 3 more days then it stopped reporting. Battery last reported at 100%. SmartThings App is not saying it is offline or has any issue (red or yellow flag). Going through the website I can see the STATUS = ACTIVE, but when I look at my other devices they = ONLINE.
Under DATA it says No data found for device (not sure if that is what it normally says or not)

I am 3000k miles away from the sensor. I did have someone replace the battery but nothing changed.

1)Is there anything I can do from afar to have this thing start working?
2)If not, how do I get this thing back online? (remove, and then pair again?)

I should add, this thing worked great for 7 months solid. It is on a steel gate which gets opened all the time.


Here is what I am seeing

battery: 100 %
contact: open
ManufacturerCode: 0109
ProduceTypeCode: 2003
ProductCode: 0307
WakeUp: wakeup
WirelessConfig: ZWP