All Monoprice Shock Sensors offline

All my Monoprice Shock Sensors went offline in the last two months apparently after a hub update. The device type is “Vision Shock Sensor” and they use the “krlaframboise : Vision Shock Sensor” device handler. The batteries are all new. As an experiment I tried including a spare Monoprice Shock Sensor that was not installed. The hub doesn’t even see it. Only Monoprice Shock Sensors are affected. What on earth is going on? How do we go from working for 1.5 years to suddenly not working at all? It seems unlikely that all the Monoprice Shock Sensors went bad at the same time. The fact that I can’t include a new sensor suggests a Samsung/SmartThings screw up. If anyone has a solution please post. Thanks.

login to IDE and open the device handler you are using for them and select Publish for Me again. Then try adding the sensor.

Doesn’t work. New shock sensors are not seen by the hub. Previously installed shock sensors eventually go offline (“unavailable”) after having fully charged battery installed. I can force online with a manual refresh, but they always end up going offline. Seems the hub and sensors just stop communicating after a while. The krlaframboise driver is published. The Monoprice user manual doesn’t list a special battery replacement procedure so I’ve just been pulling the old and plugging in the new. If there’s something else I should be doing I don’t know what that would be.