Monoprice Sensors Offline

Is something happening with Monoprice Open/Close sensors?

I’ve been using these flawlessly over the past few years. The past few days the majority of them (not all) show offline. Once I open/close the sensor it’s back online, only to show offline again a few hours later…?

I’ve tried resetting the hub, but the issue still exists.



Did yours recently migrate to an edge driver? I havent found a driver that wont have these fall offline after an amount of time. You might thry this thread for a different driver to try.

Did you find a solution? I am having the same experience you posted about since switching to edge.

No. I’m just dealing with it showing offline. Very aggravating.


Bill Wolfe

Here is another post where I got some feedback from driver developer, have to change the wake up check in. Still testing to see if changing the value lower will help. Currently set to 30 but still goes offline then wakes up when the door open/closes.

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That’s exactly my issue. And it’s not always on the same device(s).


Bill Wolfe

I think that it shows “offline” but it only wakes up to report a change in the contact sensor now.

Previously it would also report battery status once every 24 hours. Mine was online for over 4 years with the same batteries and I thought because of the new EDGE driver the battery was fully dead but it was actually still working, just not reporting the battery status and ST reports as offline.

I don’t think the AUT WAKE UP function is available so it is now on default.