Monoprice rgb bulb not responding to alexa/google 'red' command, also inaccurate for scene creation

Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I didn’t see a better fit.

I purchased two of the monorpice RGB bulbs when they went on sale a couple months back.


Overall I’m happy with the purchase (especially for the price compared to other bulbs) but they do seem to have two issues.

First if I ask alexa or google home to change the bulb color to red, they typically accept the command, but the color will not change. Occasionally it will change, but to a very light orange color. It never changes to a red.

Second, when trying to set up scenes, I have the same issue with a few colors - primarily reds/oranges. I get the big color grid to show up for the device, but if I click on a bright red or orange, it’s almost always a very bland washed out color, and it takes trial and error of clicking a color and testing it 10+ times to get a bright color that is even remotely close to the one I pressed.

I would make the assumption that the bulbs just aren’t very good at reds, but if I click on the device itself and get the color wheel to show up, I can select red and it’s a very deep red that I’m happy with, so there’s some problem with the integration of it with the scene color grid, and with alexa/google.

Has anyone has similar issues? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!