Zipato Bulb2 (RGBW) Issues

So I went ahead and bought a Zipato RGBW bulb (Bulb2) online to replace the Osram RGBW one, and received it in the mail today, but found three pretty big issues.

Issue 1. When it is screwed in all the way the light will not come on (This is US bulb and in the US) so it will only work if I loosen the bulb until it nearly falls out. Has anyone else had this issue?

Issue 2. Smartthings lists this as an Aeon LED Bulb which is obviously wrong, but works to some extent. The generic Z-wave RGBW handler seems to work fine with limited options. I also tried an Advanced Zipato RGB handler but this never wanted to work at all. Even so, with the basic Z-Wave handler the bulb would turn on and I could change color.

Issue 3. (MAIN ISSUE) For some reason I cannot get the Smartthings Smart Light app to turn on the bulb or change color. I have used this app for a long time with the Osram Lightify RGBW bulbs and that generally works well, but with this bulb absolutely nothing. It will not turn on the light, it will not change color, it will not do anything. Strangely Alexa will happily turn on the light and change color, but I bought this to use with Smart Lights.

So if you have any experience with the Zipato Z-wave Plus ‘Bulb2’ (RGBW) and the issues above, ideally with a solution to resolve them, please let me know.


I also just got this bulb (EU version) but am having limited success, ST detected this as an Aeon bulb, worked OK, but no color temp, I used the default RGBW Z-Wave handler and same thing. The advanced one that I found here in the community works sporadically, and the color temps seem to be inverted.

So, all that to say, I’m looking for something too. Although mine works fully plugged in, so that could be something else in your case.

As a quick update, I did manage to get ‘Smart Lights’ with colors working, but in a stupid way.

What I had to do was create 1. Smart Light control that took the sensor I wanted to use and then use the turn on command, I then named that ‘Light Control 1’. I then created a second smart light control and used the same sensor, and this time told it to ‘Turn on and change color’ and then named that ‘Light control 2.’

I tested it a few times and it does work, but it is worrying why ‘Smart Lights’ cannot turn on and change color of a Z-Wave RGB light, or at least the Zipato version.

Another thing I do not like is that I could not find one RGB/W light bulb (Either Zigbee or Z-Wave) that allows local control, and the only way I could find to turn on my Zigbee RGB bulb locally was using the GE Wink device handler which obviously then cannot use a color.

Hey guys, I was looking at getting a few of these, but didnt want to just yet, and im glad I didnt after reading these threads. Has there been an update on these in terms of either a handler for them, or better smartthings compatibility?

I have not seen any update on this, but since one of my Lightify RGBW bulbs died I went back to the Zipato RGBW bulb2 and it does seem to work better now, however when my alarm is triggered and some lights turn red, this takes a while longer to respond. I did notice that sometime recently Smarthings pushed out a Local control handler for Lightify RGBW bulbs (Zigbee), however as of today I could not find a local control device handler for Zwave RGBW bulbs (Smartthings please do this asap; oh and for the Iris Keypad too :-))

Note, that if anyone uses RGBW bubls, do not use them with dimmer switches as it kills the programming on them. I changed mine to Jasco Zwave on/off switches and only use on function with them, all the rest of the control is done directly by the bulb. However with the Lightify bulbs are still flaky and easily become un-responsive for no apparent reason. Did I say I hate Zigbee, well I do.

And the Zipato RGBW died for no reason. Arghhh

Simon i think this is the road i am heading down to get the functionality i want. Just getting into the community and understanding SmartThings so I’m not quite sure how you did this. Did you combine two controls into one handler?

Hi. Generally I never use an off command with the main switch so it is on most of the time. Sometimes I will set a routine like Goodnight to still turn the main switch on though even though it should always be on. All the controlling is done directly though the bulb it’s self. So I set up devices like this ‘Hallway Switch’ and then ‘Hallway Light’ with almost all control and routines being set to the ‘Hallway Light.’

BTW the Zipato RGBW bulb2 started working again. I think it has a bad contact inside because if I take it out and shake it, then when I place it back in it will work again for a while. Note though I still cannot find any Zwave local handlers for any RGBW bulbs. Zigbee RGBW which I try to avoid has handlers for both Lightify and Hue bulbs. However some of my Lightify bulbs refuse to do firmware upgrades and randomly go offline for no reason at all.

As another update to my last post, not the Zipato RGBW Bulb2 stopped working again. However before it did note that Smart Lights would not trigger the color change for things like alarm, yet if I asked Alexa to change the color it would fine. I am not sure if this is because I have both Zigbee and Zwave RGBW lights, or if it is a limitation of Smart Lights, if it is a issue with that on off faulty bulb or what. All I do know is it has been a headache thus far and no local means, blah. Also note that Zipato customer service is horrible.

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I just published a handler for the Bulb 2. Seems to work well for me, but you can surely test it.