Monoprice RGB Bulbs

(J Bentz) #1

Looks like there is another RGB Bulb option out there. The price isn’t as aggressive as I would expect from Monoprice, but maybe there will be a sale or a coupon soon that will bring it down.

The bulbs are apparently Zwave…not Zigbee, like most others. The product description shows a SmartThings screenshot, so I guess they have confirmed that they work.

I don’t think I’ll be snagging them at the current price, but I’d be interested in hearing about any experiences if someone else decides to jump on it.


Got one as a test. It’s controllable manually and through the Alexa integration, but for some reason smartlighting automation doesn’t seem to work.

(J Bentz) #3

These are on sale for $10 off. Have you had any better luck getting them working?


Nope. Opened a support case with monoprice, no response.

(J Bentz) #5

I’m surprised we haven’t seen more people trying these bulbs on here. I’ve seen them drop well below $30 at times. That’s pretty cheap for an RGB bulb, no?

(Mark) #6

I have two of them working perfectly. I had to bring a lamp next to my hub in order to get them to pair - but once I did, they work great…so much better than ZigBee in my house!


Inexplicably, the schedule started working. So it seems to be fully functional now.

(Tore) #8

Anyone figure out how to group these lights together without making a scene? I would like to be able to change them all to the same color at the same time instead of running through each one.

(J Bentz) #9

Trendsetter would do it.

(Kevin) #10

These are on sale for $16.80… wondering how they compare to Hue bulbs? Do they hold up okay outside?