Color changing bulbs which change from yellow to red to off so my son knows when to go to sleep?


I would like to send my son to his room some time before bedtime and let him read / play. Then signal him when it is nearly time to settle into bed, and then tell him when he should turn off the main lights and go to bed.

I am looking for a device without a hub to do this.
I really like the Philips Hue Go Lamp form factor if something like that is available, but would be happy to put a lamp for a bulb, or an LED strip into his room if there is one without a hub.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Monoprice Z-Wave Plus RGB Smart Bulb works with SmartThings directly.

Assuming you have a SmartThings hub since you’re posting here, any z-wave or zigbee full color bulb will do.

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Thanks, that is very helpful with the hardware.

Has anyone built a scene like this? One that changes the bulb color, waits 10 minutes, and changes it again, waits 10 minutes and then turns it off?

Easily done with webCoRE.

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