Monoprice 15270 Window/Door Sensor Inclusion issue

I bought a few more of these devices but I am unable to include them to my hub. I’ve tried excluding them first and re-pairing them, but nothing. I get nothing showing up in the Add Thing screen. Here is the process I’ve used:
Exclude device from the general z-wave exclude menu and get successful exclusion message.
Take the battery out of the device.
Open Add Thing, confirmed green light on the hub is blinking.
Put battery back into device, wait a second or two and press the switch to activate inclusion mode on the device.
The red light turns solid for 10 seconds then shuts off (as if it’s paired according to the instructions anyways).
If I wake up the device or remove/install battery, it does not blink any longer (indicating it hasn’t been paired). Nothing shows up in the app to add. I’ve even gone so far as to remove all other monoprice window/door devices from my hub (excluding them as well) and I can’t even re-add those. Now I have no window/door sensors active on my network and I cant seem to get them back…