Monitor and cut off flow to gas cooktop stove remotely or if smoke alarm is going

I have been looking for such a device a couple of weeks now. Apparently yearly, about 150,000 fires start due to unattended cooking resulting in ~$1 Billion in damages. We are doing a new construction and essentially I am looking for a device that:

  1. can tell me if the gas cooktop stove is being used (there is a flow) and allow me to cut off the flow remotely (ideally works with ST).

  2. Take it one step further and in case the (smoke) alarm sound is going, also cut off the flow. And in case of an earthquake (rapid movement of the device), also cut off the flow.

Anyone know of such a device? It’s probably too much to ask for it to be ST compatible so I will take anything that is out there that has the first feature.

The Fibaro binary sensor can receive alarm signals and provide a dry contact to actuate an electronic gas shutoff valve.

It could also detect flow with a sensor. But why bother with that added complexity? Smoke alarm? Cut the gas. Alarm signs can be configured to bypass the hub.

Thanks. Looking mostly to be able to just shut the flow off remotely. The rest is bonus if it can be done (in terms of state of stove being on or not, smoke alarm etc)

Sorry for being a noob here but a couple of follow up questions:

  • Can the Fibaro be activated remotely by me from my phone?
  • I would also need a valve that responds to the signal from Fibaro. Are there such valves?
  • Also, what do you mean alarm signs can be configured to bypass the hub?
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