Momentary Button Tile not functioning

I have an odd situation where a momentary button tile simply doesn’t produce any log events. It “presses” in the ST app, but no log events at all are produced. Needless to say, this means it isn’t producing the expected outcome (a CoRE piston trigger). I have two different momentary button tiles behaving in exactly this way (the only two in my setup). I’ll probably just delete the devices and start over, but wanted to flag it in case anybody has any ideas first.

The momentary button tile device type handler now runs locally. You should still see events under the “recently” tab in the mobile phone app on the details page for the device, and you should still see events under the device itself in the IDE, but you will not see its events in the hub log.

To get to the recently page:

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) tap the Rooms icon (4 tiny squares at the bottom of the page)

Three) choose “things” at the top of the page

Four) scroll down until you see the device you want to check. Now tap on the device’s name (not the icons on the left or right of it, just The name) to open it’s details page.

  1. on the details page, choose recently at the top to see the device’s log

I’m sorry, I don’t know how core works with local devices, so I’m not sure what the issue might be. But you should be able to see the events in the device log.

Thanks. That shifts my troubleshooting to the CoRE piston. Much appreciated. Might just need to make it a switch, which would work just fine for CoRE.

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There are definitely people using virtual momentary devices with core, so if you post a screenshot of your piston, hopefully someone can help.

IIRC, @anon36505037 has some Pistons using these.

Thanks. You have an if “changes to on” trigger vs. an “is pushed.” Is that correct? I’m using the “is pushed” trigger which is happening, per the device log, but the piston isn’t firing.

Thanks. I originally created the button as a Simulated Button and then changed it in the IDE. The Simulated Button has the “is pushed” trigger and I selected it via the ‘button’ capability.

I changed it to a Momentary Button, but the condition of “is pushed” remained despite the new device type. I added a new condition for the button as a switch, with ‘changes to on’ as the condition. However, switching the Simulated Button to a Momentary Button Tile created a weird ghost whereby I couldn’t deselect the button to eliminate the older, ‘is pushed’ condition, because the button was no longer a button, so it wasn’t in the list to deselect. Sweet, right?

I changed the device back to a Simulated Button, was able to remove it from the first condition and then changed it back to a Momentary Button Tile and created the new ‘changes to on’ condition.

All is now right with the world.


Appreciate the help.