Mojio Integration with smartthings

Has anyone got Mojio working with Smartthings? I know they have an API and mobile SDK available.

I take it you mean the Car connect not the German telecoms provider?

It might be worth linking to the device, also have you check IFTTT see if it’s listed on there?


Yes the Car connect.They do have a channel on IFTTT but it doesn’t have an area entered trigger that would allow me to open the garage door.

IFTTT has a “Maker” channel which might allow you to design what you want, I’m not the best person to advise on that though as not used it myself.

Maybe some good guides on Google or YouTube for it though


I’ll take a look thanks. I just got Tmobile’s new Sync Up device which is powered by Mojio. It would be interesting if I can get that working.

Looks like it works with Alexa too.

Have you managed to get something working with SmartThings?