Ryobi modular smart garage door opener

This is interesting. Would be neat to see this integrated into ST. It has a controller app, so I’m guessing it’s wifi. The optional speaker is Bluetooth, so you could whip up one of those Raspberry Pi (3 or with BT dongle) / Alexa deals to be able to have that functionality in the garage workshop. Battery backup is cool, as is the extension cord option.




Has anyone researched if they have an open API? Or if they are interested in integration with ST? Now that Lift Master has shut us down, I think this might be a good alternative?

Anyone try to do this integration? This would be great!

I am definitely getting this, as I have switch my entire tool collection over to Ryobi, and have been very pleased with everything I have so far. I really hope it will be able to integrate with ST soon.

Love my Ryobi tools. If this works I might replace my newer MyQ on principle.

Subscribing. Just ordered 2 of these and would love a ST integration.

Maybe since the (community) MyQ integration was done away with, maybe @Tyler knows of any possible integrations like the Ryobi? :slight_smile:


These look amazing. Doesn’t seem to be an open API, so someone may need to reverse engineer the calls and see what they can find.

Happy to reverse engineer it if someone would buy me one :smiley: 2HP is an overkill for the garage door I have, but the modularity of it is pretty cool.

Anyone had any luck with this? I’m looking at getting a couple :slight_smile:

Anyone look further into API on this?

Found this today. I’m a newbie when it comes to smartthings and I might try and look into this more. If anyone else has experience with making device handlers, have at it.


I wrote a node.js proxy service for sending requests to the GDO. Forgive the messy code as this is the first time I’ve written anything in javascript/node.js. You’ll need to find your garage door id and api key. This is the hardest part of getting this to work. I used an old rooted Nexus 4 I had, the Xposed framework, SSLUnpinning 2.0, and the package capture app from the Play store. I was able to look at the capture files and get these values. The service looks for 4 parameters: email, apikey, name, and doorid. Most of them are self explanatory except for Name. Name has 4 values: lighton, lightoff, dooropen, and doorclose. I haven’t figured out how to get the status of the garage door and light. Next up I’ll take a stab at a device handler.

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I’ve cleaned up the old posts and replaced it with this singular post.

Here is the new GitHub repo: https://github.com/Madj42/RyobiGDO

This includes the same code as before with some minor tweaks. I toyed with the idea of having the node proxy service get the apikey and doorid values automatically but I most likely will not have time to finish this. This was kind of my last project to complete before my wife goes into labor. For now, you can use the GetInfo.js file to get the values. Edit the GetInfo.js file, input your username/password in the variables, and run it with node. The Door ID is varName and the authkey is authKey. Plug those values into the DTH and everything should work.

Good luck!

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Made one more modification to pull in the battery status for the GDO200 model. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out after this modification. After this (if I find the time) I’ll most likely focus on cleaning up some of the code and other things.


Do you have to have your phone rooted to capture those packets?

Amazing! You’re basically making this more and more likely my next choice for a garage door opener!

You do have to have the phone rooted as it requires the SSLUnpinning app from xposed. Use the getinfo File I uploaded to get the details without having to root your phone. I’m going to be Mia for a while since my daughter was born this past Tuesday. As you can imagine, she is taking up all my time. :blush:

Thank you. One thing to note though is that it can be hard to get the garage door opener at a store due to a patent lawsuit with Chamberlain. It’s a great garage door opener and I’ve had very little issues with it. The keypad leaves something to be desired but the phone app makes up for that. See if you can find it on kbid or some other auction site as I got mine for around $125.

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Great work on this! Thanks so much, have been waiting for over a year for someone to put something like this together.
The Getinfo script worked perfectly, and I’ve got the proxy and device handler working and successfully operating the light and door. The only issue I’m having is the status refreshing correctly from opening to open or from closing to closed. Pressing the refresh does nothing. I’m also seeing a correlating error in the proxy’s console saying “Cannnot read property “garageLight_7” of undefined”.
Is anyone else having this issue or seeing this error.