Bixby and Smartthings

Hello guys,

I have created my ST devices in the cloud. A couple of them are “Door Control” and “Garage Door Control” devices.

Everything seems to work in the new ST app properly, however whenever I ask Bixby to “Open the garage door” I get a response “That isn’t supported on your device”.

Switches and scenes work.

Is there a special capability I need to add for Bixby to work with doors? Something I am missing?

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I’m not one of the ST experts who will surely be along to help soon, but I have heard in other threads that there has been a recent change to disallow security-related things like locks to be shared with 3rd party voice assistants. I heard it in relation to Google Home, may be this is what affecting Bixby especially if you are a new SmartThings user, or new to the new app, and have all the latest app updates.


FYI, got around it by creating a scene and asking Bixby to run the scene instead of open the door.

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