Modes Triggering Early (December 2017)

Since the issue with Routines 2 months ago, my Routines have been running at arbitrary times. My hub has been restarted numerous times, and the Routines have obviously run, yet they have not gone back to normal.

This is wreaking havoc on my schedules and causing my family to go nuts.

Is there no fix for this yet?

Edit: Thanks @Cobra for pointing out that it’s not my Routines but my MODES that are triggering early.

Are your routines triggered by mode?

If so have a look here…

Question: Are you in the US or the UK? The thread that @Cobra posted for you is primarily happening to lot of people in the UK, not so much in the US, so if you are in the UK this might be bringing down your house, hehe, literally.

LOL. Yeah, so it’s my Modes that are triggering early, and it’s specifically my nightime modes. It’s become more obvious lately due to Christmas lights being triggered by Sunset and Mode changes.

I suggested this for another guy that might be worth trying, instead if relying on a fix from ST. I will paste my posts from that thread here:

Worth a shot.

Thanks for those suggestions. Going to take a look into that later today.