MODE conditions not working

I have had Smartthings running for 2 years and have experienced the challenges we all describe on here.
Since the latest update, my mode criteria for operating my lights do not work anymore.

I have 4 light modes; low. medium. high and sleep.
I have set up virtual light switches for each of my rooms which group the lights accordingly.
I use the Smart Lighting app to create the conditions for the motion sensors to operate.

If I set the MODE to LOW, the SmartLighting rule is set to TURN ON and SET LEVEL to 10% on sensing motion.
With MODE set to MEDIUM, Smart lighting will TURN ON and set LEVEL to 60%. MODE On HIGH will set the level set is 100%

Currently, with the MODE set to MEDIUM, the lights come on at 60% on sensing motion. It will stay like that until sensing motion again but then it takes the brightness level to 100%. On sensing motion again the light level either drops to 60% or 10%. Please note that this happens when the MODE is set to MEDIUM and I expect the lights to stay at 60%.

This setup has worked perfectly until now. I have emailed Smartthings UK support but haven’t received a response. I am almost tempted to buy another hub to try and see if my hub has become faulty.

Any ideas what I can do to resolve this? My MODES and TURN on and SET LEVEL are just not working.

My hub firmware version is 000.019.00017

You hub is not any more faulty than before… :slight_smile:

Mode options being randomly ignored

Thanks Cobra, I have spent all of the past weekend trying to fix this. Not sure how I missed the post referenced in your link!

My lights are all over the place at the moment. I cant say its definitely a mode thing as i dont rely on modes so dont set them but i am finding sunset sunrise hit and miss, mostly miss

I would test this with a Piston in WebCoRE, to do exactly what you are doing in Smart Lighting and see if it makes a difference. I would remove your rule for Medium and create one Piston in WebCoRE and test it repeatedly to make sure it continuously comes on at 60%. If that has the same results as what your current rule is doing I would validate everything in Things for the actual lights (not the switch) to make sure it isn’t also assigned to some other Routine or SL Rule. You stated that it only messes up with MEDIUM and the other rules for the other modes is fine.

Apologies if my email suggested that all my other modes work ok apart from MEDIUM.They all don’t. I am yet to receive a response from Smartthings support and in the meanwhile, I have removed modes and sensor activation of the lights. Everything is done manually via the app or through Google Home. I have taken a major step backwards! :slight_smile:

Also having this problem. A fairly useless hub for me if you cant use the modes, particularly for alarms and lights at night. A little scared to even implement anything like that right now. As a new user im a little disappointed :frowning: