Modes in new smartthings app not working

I have transfered to the new smartthings app but I don’t get the mode status to update in the new app. I have set the mode to change to home when alarm is off and so on. I have many automations in the smartlights app and they are based on witch mode the hub is in and they don work. How do this work?
I am running the v3 hub.

Can you post any screenshot(s) of the automation(s) that changes the mode(s)?

I have the same type of stup for night and away

Location mode is Home
Set security mode to disarmed

Security mode is disarmed
Set location mode to Home

Is that correct for both? If yes, I am wondering why you need both?

Did you use presence in the Classic to set your location mode?

I went through this process and also used the STHM mode to link the two automations. I was convinced it wasn’t working until I belatedly realised that my Routines, that were still active in the Classic app, were confusing things. Could that be happening to you?D

first I would like to apologize for my English. it is not the best. I use shm delay 2.0 for my Iris keypad and because of that I need both these automations. I have removed everything from the classic app before I reset the hub and installed it again in the new app. So I don’t see how anything from the old app can be active.

Did you make any changes to SHM Delay using the new app? If you did, you very well encountered a known bug within the new app that is saving child apps as INCOMPLETE. When this happens it be confuses SHM Delay. I have the same thing currently working that you are trying to do so we need to figure out what is different on your setup.

If you did make changes to SHM Delay using the new app the only way I know to fix the issue is to completely remove SHM Delay 2.0 and start over.

If you didn’t make changes with the new app we will have to look elsewhere.

I have completely deleted the shm delay now. I still don’t get the mode to update when I change the alarm state in the app.

Is it possible to uninstall sthm an re install it?

Do you have any other automations that also set your modes? Maybe leftover routines from the classic app? If you look at your history what are your seeing?

I am thinking that you may have something that is changing the mode again after you set it based on alarm be state. This would appear as the mode not being changed. I ran into this were sometimes my mode would change and sometimes it wouldn’t. I ended up having a race condition.

If I lock at the history it seams that it is running all my old automations that I have deleted. How is that possible?

I installed the classic app to see if there was anything there but everything is deleted.

I have contacted the support.

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