Mode changing irregularities recently

Not sure if anyone has seen this recently.

Today, the system changed into another mode without being told to.

  1. I didn’t access the app.
  2. No one is at home using Amazon Alexa.

I notice this because the log showed that the mode was change and thus triggered SMH being arned and then because something trigger a sensor, the alarm siren went off.

I did notice this about 2 weeks back when my siren went off whilst I am at home and at that time I notice SMH was armed. (I didn’t check if it is because the mode change - ie my Holiday Mode which would arm the alarm or if SMH was armed by itself).

I wonder if anyone has seen this?

Some people have experienced some problems with the app lately. people are getting logged out.
dobble check if you (and others users) are logged in to your phone if you use that as a presence sensor.

I am logged into the iOS app on my iphone, with my iphone as a presence sensor.
My wife is logged into the same account as a 2ndary user on her iphone also as a presence sensor.

I had the same problem yesterday. I was at home and the system automatically changed to away mode. Good news - the inside alarms work!