Question on location mode changing to home when door unlocks

I realized tonight that when my son came home and unlocked the door with his code, the location mode was set to home from away. I was at work at the time. I can’t find any setting that says to set the location mode to home when unlocking the door. I do use User Lock Manager, but none of the location mode settings are set to switch the mode. Also reviewing all my scenes and automations, none set location to Home when the door is unlocked. Any one have any ideas on why it would switch the mode like this?

I do want it to stay in away mode when I’m not home to ensure that locks lock if left unlocked and my garage doors remain closed.

If you look in your event history, you should be able to see a routine or event executed just prior to the switch to Home mode. You can work back to the unlock event.

That’s just it. I reviewed the history and I see the unlock event and then the location mode change. I’ve reviewed all routines and don’t see any set to change the location mode when the lock is unlocked. So is this built in behavior or a bug? I don’t know how to determine which.

So when you do want the Location Mode to change, how are you setting it?

It’s not a built in routine, and a doubt a bug either. Something changed the mode. Any chance he did it manually in the SmartThings app, ran a scene via Alexa, you accidentally tapped a scene button, etc?

Right now setting the mode in one of 3 ways:

  1. At a specific time in the morning it’s set to Home

  2. Presence sensor, if I leave it goes away mode, when I return home it sets to home

  3. I have a good night routine that I run manually before bed and it sets to Night.

Here is a screenshot of the history. You can see the door is unlocked and no routine is run, it just says location is Home.

I’m still reviewing settings to figure out how it is getting set. My only thought is something in my lock user manager application. Even though when I checked nothing is set. That’s a Rboy app. I can check in with them.

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Yep, I’m an idiot. It was in the user lock manager. I didn’t drill in deep enough to the user level. At some point I’d set it to change the mode to home when he used his code. Thanks all.

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