Interesting Observation Regarding the STHM and Routines

I have two locations with duplicate routines to arm the STHM on departure and disarm it upon my return.

I noticed at one of my locations that the STHM was not arming after I was away. I discovered that my Arm Away on Departure was missing. Investigating further, I found that the Arm Away on Departure for my other location was present, but my presence was missing from the condition. Additionally, my presence was missing from the conditions for both Disarm on Return routines. So none of the three remaining routines would work as they didn’t contain a valid condition with my presence having been removed.

I can buy that I might have accidentally deleted ONE routine, but I certainly didn’t delete one and then edit myself out of the remaining three, all centered around the STHM.

Interesting . . .


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Assuming mobile presence, it sounds like it was disabled, or disabled and renabled, which would result in the two presence devices being deleted, or deleted and two new ones created. As with any other devices, this would result in them being removed from the Routines, and any of those Routines that were no longer viable (empty conditions or actions) would be deleted.

The other one to watch out for is STHM being uninstalled. That results in the same sort of thing for Security Mode conditions and actions, even if other apps are using the Security Mode.

For this reason I avoid Routines as much as possible. They are handy little toys, the automations equivalent of a pencil and the back of a fag packet, but that is all they are.

Watch out for the integrity of your Scenes too.

Thanks. That makes sense although I did neither of those. Interestingly, my presence was there to be selected when they I them back. I guess we will never know.

I agree with you regarding routines but the post groovy deprecation outlook isn’t exactly stellar. So I have migrated some things from webcore in favor of routines and the rule engine.