Mobile Presence on dashboard

Once again my wife drop her IPhone while on Vacation in Tennessee we get back home and it also cracked the camera so off to Apple it goes for a new one in the mean time I bought a cheap BLU G5 to substitute in for the IPhone. So I couldn’t figure out why the SmartThings wasn’t doing it normal routine Goodbye,I’m Back nothing was working so I thought it was my wife new phone causing the problem so I deleted from the SmartThings to know avail it still didn’t work after getting into the SmartThings IDE and looking at the mobile presence noticed that my Sister In Law was still at the house for what ever reason this is what was causing all the problems.

So my request is please put the Mobile Presence Tabs back on the dashboard like in the Classic that way you can see it in a glance what is going on rather than have to login into SmartThings IDE to figure out what’s going on you don’t know how much hair I pulled out trying to figure what’s going on and I’m already bald so there’s not much left to pull out.