iPhone 6 presence stopped working, removed and can't add back

My wife’s iPhone6 all of the sudden stopped acting as a presence sensor. Regardless of any troubleshooting method attempted, it always showed her as being home. I removed her phone from all SmartApps then removed it as a presence sensor. When I try to add it back, I get a message that “this phone is already set up as a mobile presence device”. I check on my app, on her app…it is not still set up.

SmartThings seems to have gone to hell in general recently as my hub has been extremely buggy the past couple months, but this renders the system pointless.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Email support@smartthings.com and we’ll help you figure out what’s going on here.

Hi Tyler,

Interesting I have the exact problem. Iphone 6 just stopped working and when I try to re-add it , it say this phone already setup. Its my wife phone also…

Can you share the process you used to resolve the last one?

Thank you!! Roy

Has this problem been solved? I have been having the same problem with my wife’s iPhone for over a month.

Nah, I’m still having the same issues. Just got around to actually writing support about the multitude of things that have gone wrong (disconnected thermostat, iPhone 6, Sonos bridge, Hue bridge) in the past couple months. I provided my account information (email address, my phone number, my wife’s phone number) hoping they’d take a look, but instead they replied a day and a half later expressing their desire to help and asking permission to access my account.

I move in a little over 2 months. ST has that long to get their sh*t together before I move to a platform that can be relied upon. The initial experience was awesome, but it’s become flaky and difficult to manage. The app takes WAAAY too long to update itself, things disconnect and won’t reconnect. It’s just a mess.

Hey TGPhilly, was your problem solver after contacting support?

Finally tracked down the issue with support’s help. Her phone was apparently logged in with my account, not her own login. So it was a user issue, although their app should have logic to ether not allow concurrent logins with the same user or at least alert you when it happens.

Still having presence issues with both phones, but now it seems the app is just flaky after the latest update. It’s faster, but flaky.

Thermostat was reconnected by physically disconnecting the power to it, reconnecting, then running through a disconnect and add cycle.

Sonos and Hue are still hit or miss.

So my wife phone is 10 miles away at work but ST is telling me she is home. It’s lying. I guess ST hasn’t figure out what’s going on? I almost feel that users with Apple products are not being helped… From this post I didn’t see anyone reported back with a solution.

Mine seems to have settled down after the update, a number of phone reboots and logout/logins - my 2 phones seem to have been reliable for the last month or so.

No issues here on iPhone 6 and for some reason the reliability has improved too… iOS 8.3

Mine settled too…not yet on 8.3 (jailbroken). I debated on even posting this without jinxing myself :smile: